Need Resume Help? Discover Services & Resources to Help You Build the Ultimate Resume

Resume writing is an art that, when practiced, can be flawlessly mastered by all job seekers. After all, a resume is arguably the most important piece of paper in your arsenal when looking for a new career. Getting resume help is encouraged, even for those who have many years of job search experience.

But not everyone has the time to practice or learn these skills. That’s where resume writing services come into play. There are dozens of options available, but the top resume writing companies typically charge fees for their services. However, if you are looking to land your dream career, it may be worth the investment.

Before you hit that submit button, it’s wise to make sure your resume is up to par. Continue reading the sections below to explore all your options for building a better resume. 

Learn How Paid Resume Writing Services May Help You Land a Great Career

If you want the best resume writing service available, you’ll likely need to pay for it. Most professional services charge a fee for providing resume assistance. But if that fee could lead to you landing a high-powered career, it may be worth your consideration. 

Monster resume writing services, for example, charge by the tier based on the services you are looking for. The basic package starts at $129 while the top-of-the-line package can set you back as much as $349. The cost fluctuates depending on what you need. If you’re only looking for resume writing help and don’t need extras like LinkedIn profile analysis, the basic package should do the trick. 

If you primarily use LinkedIn to search for and apply to jobs, you might consider boosting your online profile and resume directly on the website. You can get LinkedIn resume help from professional resume writers found right on the website itself. 

Or, if you are a LinkedIn Premium member, you can use the resume editing services provided through the Premium Resume Builder Tool. This tool helps you to redesign your online profile. You’ll need to pay a monthly membership fee to use the tool, which varies in price based on the membership tier you select. 

If you’re looking for a professional CV writing service that you can visit in person, you have a few options as well. A simple search for “resume help near me” will provide you with local results for professional companies that specialize in resume and cover letter building. 

Most of these companies charge a fee for services, too. Make sure you understand the fees associated with their resume writing services before you commit. That way, you’ll avoid any surprise charges.

Want to Save $$ on Resume Assistance? Find Out About Free Resume Writing Services

Getting assistance with resume writing doesn’t always have to break the bank. In fact, there are a few companies out there that may help you write the ultimate resume for free. You can find free resume writing services online that let you choose industry-specific phrases and present you with a professional-looking resume in no time. 

Most resume help focuses on the keywords and phrases your resume needs to snag the attention of employers. If you struggle to find good action words to use on your resume or CV or have trouble describing your job duties, these free services may be able to help. 

For example, Resume Now provides fast resume writing services that don’t even require you to type. All you need to do is click through the guided steps, choose the industry that applies to you and get premade job-specific phrases you can use on your resume. And the best part? It’s free to use!

Learn How to DIY Your Resume With These FREE Courses

In addition to using resume writing services, you may consider learning how to become a better resume writer yourself. This way, if you need to create a new resume in the future, you can use your own knowledge and skills to do it. It takes a bit of practice, but the more you know, the better of a resume writer you can become!

There are tons of free resume writing classes you can take to learn more about how to create a great CV. For example, Udemy is an online classroom that offers webinars in hundreds of topics. Resume and CV writing classes are available for you to download and watch on your own schedule, helping you master your skills and become a better writer. 

Class Central is another virtual classroom that provides free resume courses for anyone interested in becoming a better resume writer. Once you sign up, you can access courses for free and follow along at your own pace. Some courses may even have practice projects you can complete to test your knowledge and skills.

Looking for the Best Resume Templates? Find Out More

Not interested in using a resume writing company? Not to worry. You can build your own resume and still get help doing it – thanks to many online companies that offer downloadable resume templates. 

Resume templates make it easy to build a professional-looking resume yourself. All you need to do is find a resume, download it, and personalize it with your own information. There are dozens of websites that offer templates, many of which are free to use.

Many templates also provide resume writing help in the form of pre-filled keywords and phrases. Feel free to use any phrases that correlate with your professional background. Some templates even have suggested action words you can use to help you direct the employer’s attention to your most suitable job characteristics.

Most of these online services have a variety of templates to choose from. The best resume, though, is simple and straightforward. The best online resume services will have eye-catching resume templates that still exude professionalism and stay away from “fun” fonts. 

Decided to use a resume or CV writing template that you found online? Here’s another tip to keep in mind. It’s important to read through your CV or resume carefully after you’re done personalizing it. There’s nothing worse than submitting your resume to an employer and forgetting to delete some pre-filled information that has nothing to do with your job field!